Landscapes and sculptures


With the show of Begoña Uriarte we discovered a space in which sculpture and painting fuse together. With bird’s eye view, we penetrate a universe full of suggestions, of devotion and freedom, of closed vital spaces, of distant cities. In contrast to this and at the same time her peculiar landscapes, carried out with recycled materials, involve the sharp vision of who sees beyond the apparent, playing with languages, materials and also with the spectator.

Julia Castro on her part brings us near to her poetic introspection through a tenacious and combative hand-to-hand fight with materials like glass, which are difficult to dominate. For her the difficulty is a challenge, and we are extremely amazed at the delicacy with which she presents us her timeless flowers, her colourful water lilies, her hypnotic installations… conferring a sensation of lightness and weightlessness to objects which nature is quite the opposite.

It is stimulating to see how both artists solve those challenges of bordering expression between unlike languages, how they construct their discourse, combining noble and waste materials, and to find out how easily they reach our senses.

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