Ignasi Mallol

The painter Ignasi Mallol.

The painter Ignasi Mallol.

Born in 1892 in Tarragona, he attended the Academies of Martínez Altés and Joan Baixas as well as the Escola d’Art Galí. After spending a time in Paris, he practised as a drawing teacher at the Casa de la Caritat and then was head of an Art School in Barcelona, position which Francesc d’A. Galí had passed on to him. In 1917 he settled in Olot where he grasped perfectly well the volcanic landscape of the Garrotxa, and, therefore, being considered as one of the most influencing masters of the School of Olot. In between other distinctions, he was awarded in 1929 with the extraordinary price of the Spring Exhibition in Barcelona. He participated in different exhibitions in Barcelona (Sala Parés, El Camarín, Galeries Areñas, Cercle Artístic, Faianç Català, Galeries Dalmau, La Pinacoteca, Galeries Laietanes), in Tarragona (Cercle Artístic), in Madrid, Paris, Brussels and Oslo.

Siurana, by Ignasi Mallol

Siurana, by Ignasi Mallol.

He was a member of the group Les Arts i els Artistes, considered one of the most important Catalan artistic associations at the beginning of the 20th century. Attached to the Noucentist movement (Catalan cultural movement since the beginning of the 20th century), it included writers, sculptors, painters, architects and musicians, and in between its members we find Francesc Pujols, Ivo Pascual, Pau Gargallo, Josep Clarà, Joaquim Mir, or the art agent Santiago Segura (founder of the Galeries Laietanes). When he returned to Tarragona, he was, together with Joan Rebull, the head of the school-workshop Escola-Taller de Pintura I Escultura in Tarragona, which was depending on the Generalitat. It has to be pointed out that at the beginning of the Civil War both of them played an important role in the preservation of the archaeological, historic and documentary patrimony of the different areas of the province of Tarragona. In 1939, when the Civil War came to an end, he emigrated to Bogotá where he died in 1940

Book about Ignasi Mallol by Miquel-Àngel Codes

Book about Ignasi Mallol by Miquel-Àngel Codes.

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